Тип устройства PCI-E контроллер массива RAID0, RAID1, AHCI для M.2 SSD
Внешний интерфейс PCI-Eх4, PCI-Eх8, PCI-Eх16
Скорость сигнала до 10Гбит в сек.
Поддержка ОС Windows, Linux
Питание Через материнскую плату PCI-E*4, PCI-E*8, PCI-E*16
Прочее Поддерживает SSD до 22*80мм


Designed for fanciers

PRS2 RAID card is designed specifically for enthusiast gamers, using two M.2 SSD to set up RAID 0 and PCI-E port to achieve real 10Gbps. Provides superspeed running experience for gamers to enjoy the pleasure of the game.

Set up RAID, high-speed transmission

Supports RAID 0/RAID 1/ AHCI, RAID 0 enables the speed reach up to 10Gbps.

PCIE+RAID, open a new era of SSD

The speed of normal M.2 SSD is about 3-400Mb/s. RAID 0 doubles the speed of M.2, enables to make full play of the PCIE slot on the mainboard, realizes the read speed up to 800Mb/s, write speed to 700Mb/s, much better than ordinary SSD.

Comparison of M.2 PCIe SSD RAID Performances

Worry-free choice

M.2 is Intel's new generation of interface standards tailored for the ultrabook. Equipped with PCIe bus, the M.2 SSD has sufficient read and write speed bandwidth. Compared to traditional SATA3.0 SSD, it is much smaller and lighter.

Good-looking, multiple cooling holes

Alloy panel + precision PCBA board, exquisite workmanship, high-grade appearance with stainless steel shield, dustproof and good heat-dissipation. Built-in LED light indicates working status through the outer baffle. Bring you high-speed experience.

Widely applicable

Adopts PCI-Express X4 interface, compatible with X8, X16 slots, fully compatible with PCI-E3.0, PCI-E2.0 and PCI-E1.0.

Wide compatibility, meets expansion needs

Works great with Windows, Linux and more.

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