Тип устройства Внешний корпус для диска
Поддерживаемая емкость до 2 Тб
Слотов для дисков 1
Тип дисков SSD
Форм фактор дисков M-SATA SSD
Внутренний интерфейс M-SATA3.0
Скорость сигнала 5 Гбит/с.
Поддержка ОС Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP или Mac OS 9.1 и выше
Plug&Play Да
Где купить? Все характеристики


ORICO M-SATA aluminum mini hard drive enclosure
6 Gbps SATA3.0 large capacity storage

M-SATA3.0 port (compatible with M-SATA2.0) transfers data up to 6 Gbps, faster than normal hard drives; easy to use and hot-swapping supported.

Type-C, ahead of time
USB3.1, efficient transmission

USB3.1 Type-C port promoted by Apple, Intel, Microsoft transfers data up to 5 Gbps, twice as fast as USB3.0; allows you to insert the connector in a right way all the time.

Dual controller, faster speed

ASM dual controller provides faster speed for port when hard drive operating, bringing you amazing data processing and transmission effect, which is we care about.

Your large capacity database 
Easily handle massive files

SSD and external replaceable storage are more and more popular; large capacity can accommodate 4K film & TV technology, 3D video technology, lossless audio, HD pictures and other many kinds of data.

Beautiful and powerful
Aluminum alloy, matte finish

Made of aluminum alloy, 10 times expensive than plastic, which makes it more beautiful. What's more, its strength and heat dissipation are same excellent.

Small and lightweight

Smaller components make a slim size; 40g weight allows you to carry it everywhere; aluminum alloy makes it more durable.

Plug and play, multi-system supported

Fit with M-SATA SSD, compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 and Mac OS, no driver needed, hot-swapping supported.

Light-blue indicator

Soft light-blue indicator confirms working status and doesn't disturb you even at night.

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