Guided by the essential needs of customers, we provide products and solutions to our customers, insist on optimizing and innovation, continuously create long-term value for our customers, and strive to be a powerful boost for your business development.

Our team may help you advance the realization of ideas

We have been focusing on the development and production of USB peripheral products for 9 years, including but not limited to USB storage, USB data transmission, USB charger, USB wiring board, USB small appliances and other creative products .


Sincerely at your service

ORICO has hardware mold factory, plastic mold factory, SMT factory, assembly factory and packaging factory. With a unique 211 supply model, it can create a flexible supply chain with a capacity of over 4 billion yuan, and respond sensitively to market demand. Streamline the collaborative process and serve each partner patiently.

Flexible service models and technical fields

Full responsibility for product definition and development
Multi-party Definition and R & D
Mould OEM

Our Solutions

ORICO has a complete industrial chain layout from design to R&D to manufacturing, logistics and transportation to the final market.
2 weeks R&D1 weeks Productionand 1 MOQ
Unique “211” supply mode

New flexible replenishment mode

Forecast order/open sales data rolling stocking mode
According to sales of the first three months automatically starts the fourth month of stocking
Quarterly sales peak-free estimation flexible stocking

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